AC Inverter Drives

AC Inverter Drives Series


Low Harmonics Regenerative Matrix Converter

Yaskawa’s development of the world’s first application of matrix converter technology in 2006 made it possible to solve AC drive problems. Further evolution of this technology has resulted in the U1000. This sophisticated series of motor drives available only from Yaskawa eliminates the problems of standard AC drives. The U1000 tops the performance of general-purpose AC drives to further improve the performance of your facilities.

Featured :

  • Compact
  • High Power Factor and Power Supply Harmonic Suppression
  • Greater Efficiency

For more information about U1000, Please click “U1000 200V, 400V & Common Specification” or “U1000 Feature & Benefit Video“.



Power Regenerative Converter

The D1000 is a sinusoidal PWM converter capable of power regeneration. Use with an AC drive results in highly efficient operations and eliminates power harmonics problems.

Featured :

  • Save More Electricity with Power Regeneration
  • Reduce Wasteful Heat Loss
  • Connect Multiple Units
  • No Power Supply Harmonics
  • Downsize Power Supply Equipment
  • Reduce Your Maintenance Costs

For more information about D1000, Please click “D1000 Energy Saving Unit & Standard Configuration” or “D1000 Feature and Benefit Video“.



Power Regenerative Unit

The power regenerative unit has braking and regenerative functions that return load energy to the power supply. Use with an AC drive demonstrates superior energy-saving capability in applications with high minus loads such as with cranes and vertical transport lifters.

Featured :

  • Save even more energy
  • Increased braking torque provides more braking power with continuous regenerative operation.
  • Reliable and Long Life
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Terminal Board with a Parameter Backup Function
  • Simulation Program for Regeneration Effects
  • DriveWizard Plus

For more information about R1000, Please click “R1000 Energy Saving Unit & Standard Configuration” or “R1000 Feature and Benefit Video“.



Continuous improvements of the key functions for crane applications have won the trust of our customers for over 30 years. The CR700 balances the hoist application in perfection. Made possible by innovative design advantages the CR700 crane drive helps you to lower initial investment for factory construction, supports you by increasing your productivity, lowers the efforts for daily maintenance and helps to reduce energy consumption.

Featured :

  • Brake Sequence
  • Anti-Sway Control
  • High-speed Operation at Light Loads
  • 3-Motor Switching Function
  • Performance Life Monitors
  • Crane Maintenance Monitor



Lift Applications

Best Solutions for your Lift Applications!

Featured :

  • Matching Every Need
  • Smooth, Comfortable Ride
  • Safety
  • Environmental
  • Easy Setup and Maintenance

For more information about R1000, Please click “L1000 200V, 400V & Common Specification“.



Fan, Pump & HVAC Applications

Best Solution for your HVAC, Pump & Fan applications!

Featured :

  • Super Energy-Savings
  • Ease of Operation & Compliance with Environment
  • Safety & High Reliability

For more information about E1000, Please click “E1000 400V Class“.



Yaskawa’s GA700 Series offers the best value proposition for industrial applications. The GA700 is the right choice with a compact, flexible, straightforward design by integrating and embedding key AC drive attributes focused on optimized installation and minimized start-up.

Featured :

  • Total cost reduction
  • Energy Saving
  • Predict Failure
  • High Security & Safety
  • Reduction of setup/downtime
  • Smartphone application “DriveWizard Mobile”

For more information about GA700, Please click “GA700 200V, 400V & Common Specification“.



The GA500 Industrial AC Microdrive is engineered to help you easily handle nearly any application. Sustainability, flexibility, and ease of use are all designed into the drive, helping you make complicated tasks simple. Offering intuitive interaction and world-class quality, the GA500 is the drive you can count on for constant, high quality performance.

Featured :

  • Stable Drive for High-impact Loads
  • 590 Hz! Highest of the Industry (According to Yaskawa’s research as of September 2018)
  • Predict Potential Failures of Machinery Using Drives
  • Predict Drive Service Life
  • Longer Motor Service Life
  • Monitors Machine Conditions in Real Time while the Drive is in Operation
  • Connect to Various Host Controllers
  • High-speed Scanning to Analyze Detailed Behavior
  • The World’s Smallest Drive for Smaller Machinery
  • Reduced Number of Parts
  • Smaller Control Panel with Integrated Peripheral Device Functions
  • Tuning Possible with Machinery Installed
  • Significant Reduction in Wiring
  • Closed-Door Operations and Monitoring
  • Monitor Performance Life
  • Quick Response
  • Less Downtime



Featured :